International Translation Day – September 30, 2022


We celebrate International Translation Day on September 30 to pay tribute to the tireless work of translators and language professionals all around the world. The role of a translator is indispensable in maintaining productive, positive, and clear interpersonal communication in international circles. From translating sensitive documents to the lyrics of your favorite K-Pop song, translators are the foundation of international peace deals and global media consumption. International Translation Day honors the contribution of language professionals in furthering the cause of peacekeeping, the promotion of human rights, and the shared quest for sustainable development.


Ever since the inception of the U.N., translators have played a great role in bringing all 51 founding nations on the same page. The United Nations recognizes that all civilizations and their respective cultures are crucial enablers of sustainable development.

The U.N. recognizes the work of professional translation as an art and a trade. Translators uphold the charter of the United Nations and deserve global appreciation. Through the resolution adopted in the United Nations General Assembly on May 24, 2017, every September 30 is celebrated as International Translation Day. The day is dedicated to honoring the role of language professionals in fostering peace, development, and camaraderie between linguistically distinct nations.

International Translation Day also coincides with the feast day of St. Jerome, a priest, and scholar who is credited with the first translation of the Bible. Thousands of years ago, St. Jerome embarked on a journey to translate the Bible from Hebrew into Latin. St. Jerome is called the patron saint of translators for his efforts to make the Bible accessible to a far wider audience.

We celebrate International Translation Day by raising awareness of professional translation and being mindful of the fact that the fusion of languages reflects the strength of a united world stemmed in diversity.


1.   Every culture deserves global respect

It is an honor to see your culture and language have representation on the global stage. Rather than forcing world leaders to abandon their language, translators lend their intellect and polyglot wisdom to honor their mother tongue.

2.   The dialogue must never stop

Global peace relies on our abilities to put our differences aside and come together for a common cause. Translators bridge the gap between two different entities. On the global stage, language is a barrier. Thanks to our tireless and underappreciated translators, we can overcome it.

3.   It’s a great career choice

In an increasingly globalized world, there are tons of job opportunities for translators. If you are seeking a pivot from your career and can speak more than one language, then the translation industry needs you.