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Market Size of the Global Language Services Industry 2009-2021

      With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, the global language services market has seen rapid growth. Over the last ten years the market has doubled in size, reaching 46.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Global language services Generally speaking, the language services market can be divided into three segments – instruction, translation and localization . Translation differs from localization in that the former involves tasks where one language needs to be directly translated into another. This includes traditional activities such as document translation and interpreting services. Localization, on the other hand, refers to a broader process of cultural adaption, generally in  more artistic areas such as creating voice over for film and television . Depending on the context, either service may be required for  digital platforms and online content . Regional markets As is perhaps not surprising given the region’s high level of development and linguistic dive

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Market Size of the Global Language Services Industry 2009-2021

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