We can help you capture new Nordic and Baltic markets. Here is a piece of advice on how to start

Website translation services for ecommerce
Credit: StoryBlocks. Norway

Website translations
Exports of products and services to other countries is what both you and your country need. If you want to capture new markets, having your website or online store only in English is not enough.

According to market research, an online store or website in client's native language has a significant impact on buyer's choice. Roughly 75% online store customers give preference to the seller who provides product and service description in customer's native language.
So if you want to expand your product or service market, start with website localization in the language used on your potential market. However, do not forget to ensure customer service in their native language.
Saves money
We have over 25 years of experience in website localization in Nordic and Baltic languages. Our clients will also save money as we use CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools that create a translation memory and terminology database so you will not pay twice for phrases that repeat 100% and will pay less for those somewhat similar to the translated ones. Terminology database will also ensure terminology consistency and search engine optimization.
Our translators are human beings instead of machines as machine translation such as Google cannot understand the context, idioms, jokes and other nuances, therefore, nothing has been able to beat professional translators so far. The leading global and local scale companies still localize their content only with human translation.
We recently localized Swedish hairdresser equipment and product wholesaler website in all Scandinavian languages - Headbrands.seHeadbrands.fiHeadbrands.dkHeadbrands.no. Their turnover saw increases of growth!
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