2016: The Year of Competitive Rates, High Quality and Speed of Translation Services

For Baltic Media, 2015 will be remembered as a year of thousands of successful language service projects, customers of technical, automotive, medical, media, legal sphere who we proudly call friends, loads of new ideas brought to life.


The Best Market Price

Our goal in 2016 is to maintain the high level of our global language service quality, quick turnaround and the best market price. The competitive translation and transcreation service price from and into the largest languages is achieved thanks to the low production costs due to our geographical location. Baltic Media’s main centre of operations is situated in Riga
It is the largest city in the Baltic States, accompanied by one of the highest internet connection speeds in the world and lowest office space rents in Europe, and results in lower translation service expenses while maintaining high service quality level because we can still afford the world’s leading linguists and language experts. We have been striving to improve and maintain this level of service already for 22 years since Baltic Media begun working in the language service industry.

Europe’s Citizens Are No Longer Satisfied With Using Only a Few Major Languages

Organizations and companies today often translate and localize products and websites into ­many languages to increase market share. This trend goes hand in hand with increasing public demand for content in regional or local languages due to the increasing availability of broadband as well as high speed mobile connectivity and rising numbers of online users and online services. 
Europe’s citizens are no longer satisfied with using only a few major languages. We see this tendency in our practise every day. Therefore we have taken steps to widen our range of provided languages to cover also part of the Middle Eastern language segment.

Our experienced project managers along with qualified and tested resourcesfrom around the world makes it a pleasure to bring the new range of services to you.