Scandinavian Business and Financial Translation Services

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Business and financial texts demand an expert knowledge on the part of our translators. 
There is often a lack of context in the text to be translated in these fields. 
This includes tables, charts, balance sheets, presentation slides, minutes, statistics, account systems, organization charts etc.

Only those translators who have concrete expertise in the industry and familiarity with the subject can independently assess the context of source documents. The result will be a translation that not only reflects the content the client has presented in an exact manner but also on that incorporates the technical terminology specific to the customer’s enterprise.

Our Business and Finance Translators
  • Have backgrounds in banking, insurance, and finance, as well as in stock markets and the consulting business,
  • Are monetary experts, auditors, tax consultants, MBAs and economists with many years of industry experience,
  • Are linguists and furthermore are certified translators (sworn translations available on request)
  • Have a double qualification in language and in subject matter, enabling them to generate linguistically skilled and technically accurate translations of even the most difficult business and financial documents
  • Translate solely into their native languages and in their fields of expertise

Most Requested Business and Financial Translations
  • Annual reports and proxy statements
  • Prospectuses
  • Sales brochures for banks and insurance companies
  • Economic reports
  • Bank statements
  • Insurance documents
  • Website content
  • Translation of newspaper and news articles

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