We Understand the Language of Life Sciences

By Didzis Grauss
Business Development Director

Over the period of more than 22 years since translation agency Baltic Media Ltd. has been providing high quality translation services for the industry, the company has developed a set of priority industries with specialized resources, software and staff to support them. Some examples include technical translation, marketing translation, IT & Software translation, legal translation. But in this case we would like to bring your attention to the industry that has played a major part of our everyday business for the last 10 years – life sciences.

Despite the fact that life sciences have been an integral part of Baltic Media’s offer of services for a decade now, this industry requires a constant growth. The standards in medical, pharmacy and medical equipment industries are getting updated regularly, therefore we, as the leading services provider in the Northern and Baltic region, have to keep up. Since the beginning of the year we have been doing just that and first quarter of 2016 has brought very pleasant results.

During the first four months of 2016 we have put a heavy emphasis on improving our pool of resources specialized in life sciences. Due to the broad spectra of medical translations, the translators specialized in medical topics cannot limit their knowledge to one topic. Skills in sub-categories and related topics are needed as well. The resource improvement process was accompanied by intense language testing, reference checks, individual conversations with resources as well as life sciences related knowledge tests. The result is a very impressive and professional team of medical translators for the whole Nordic and Baltic region.

The resources are not the only thing we improved during the first quarter of this year. While celebrating the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of ISO9001:2008 certification we also appreciate the fact that these procedures facilitate a good soil for medical and life science translations. The quality assurance, terminology acquisition, documentation arrangement all goes hand-in-hand with the requirements of the translations of such nature.

We believe that the result is very solid and will serve well for the forthcoming year, which we have marked the “Year of Life Sciences”. Baltic Media Ltd. has been a trusted partner for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical companies and we are ready to earn your trust as well. We will be happy to hear your needs and requirements, all you need to do is let us know.

Life sciences cover some of the most challenging translation subjects out there. Translation agency Baltic Media Ltd specializes in providing medical translation and localization services to the global market. Our linguists have extensive knowledge in Medical, Biotechnological, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Ag-Vet market segments.